Your Coffee Mug Should Be Useful, and Match Your Personality

Anyone that drinks coffee on a regular basis really appreciates the value of a good mug. Most coffee drinkers normally have several, and it also seems that they reflect on the drinker’s personality. There are an abundance of coffee mugs out there on the market and choosing the right one for you can be quite an adventure.

The cups that generally come with your average set of dishes are virtually useless if you drink much coffee at all. Pouring your coffee into a decent mug will keep it hot for a longer time, and they also hold a lot more of it.

When buying, you should consider several things. You most certainly want to purchase a set that will match with your other tableware. If you can not match your pattern, then you might just go with a solid color and for those coffee drinkers that take their cups to the job with them, there are usually some really cute designs that have job related printing on them. The printed ones include prints of flowers, birds, novelty and humorous saying of all kinds. Of course, there are also the old standby I Love You Mom or Grandma, as well as those for pet lovers out there. Finding a coffee mug that fits your personality is not at all hard to do.

Purchasing another for travelling is a good idea as well. These save on the mess of the disposable cups from convenience stores and most of the stores will let you refill them at a lower cost. They should come with a lid, and are usually dishwasher safe which makes them more serviceable. Some people carry one or two in the car at all times.

Coffee mugs also make great gifts for others. On holidays, you can buy the mugs and fill them with candy or other small, useful items and put a ribbon on them for friends and co-workers. These are well received and are very inexpensive.

You will be using your mugs for a long time. Let the shopping be fun, even though some consideration is needed. In the long run, you will come up with the desired mugs and you should be very happy with them.

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A Soup Mug Can Be Used In Many Ways

The manufacturing and selling of soup mugs goes back to the 1800’s, and is just as popular now as it was then. The idea of adding a large handle to the cup changed the way food was served during Victorian times.  It was usually placed on a dish with a raised enclosure to hold the cup in place, and other foods could go on the plate alongside. When serving food, this made it possible for a guest to get a cup of soup and maybe a sandwich all on one plate with great convenience.

Soup mugs are convenient dishware for use in the home or if you are on the go.  Some of the newer versions are stainless steel with glass insulation much like a thermos. You can also buy them in plastic models but these will not keep your food as warm as the insulated types. One of the things people like most about soup mugs is their portability. They are very popular with Boy Scouts or on any type of outdoor activity such as camping or hiking.

Most of us are probably familiar with the traditional type for home use. These are generally made from stone, metal or china. However you can find soup mugs in a variety of materials such as, ceramic, stoneware, stainless steel and of course plastic. Most are very affordable and can be purchased almost anywhere kitchen items are sold. If you happen to be in the restaurant business, there are a variety of restaurant grade mugs available.  Restaurant grade are made to be more durable than those for home use, for obvious reasons. You may need several different types for use in the restaurant industry, for hearty soups or coffee or any other type of foods. The soup mug is a versatile serving dish that can be incorporated into any fine table setting.

When you look in the shops, you’ll find a variety of styles, colours, themes, and sizes. You are limited only by your imagination. They can be purchased individually or in matched sets. You can spend as much or as little as you want depending on your budget. Shop around to find the mug that best suits you, fill it with your favourite soup or food and then sit down and enjoy the convenience of the design.

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Using Novelty Mugs as Gifts

There are many times when you might need a small gift item to give someone who is a casual acquaintance. Choosing a gift that is both inexpensive and useful can sometimes be difficult.  Novelty mugs are an excellent all purpose gift. The various designs make them the perfect choice for giving to office workers. A novelty item usually refers to something that is designed to be unique or original in its construction. What sets these mugs apart from others will be the type of logo or image printed on it.

There are some companies that offer custom printing on objects such as the novelty mug. This is done at a relatively low cost, so the out of pocket expense for a personalized gift is still cheap. For an office occasion where you need to give a gift to coworkers, a novelty mug with the company logo, or the worker’s personal title for their position, works well. You will also find ready made mugs with specific images and sayings already printed on them. These are available in a wide range of categories including, graduation, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Birthday.

There are also novelty mugs that come with specific themed characters particular to a specific occupation or hobby. You will see some with golfing, nursing and fishing character designs as well as humorous sayings. This diverse range allows you to choose a design that is in keeping with a person’s personal interests, which helps make the gift have more meaning to the recipient. Most of the image designs are on the traditional styled porcelain type of mug with a traditional handle. You may see a few variations on the design in the curvature or size of a mug you purchase.

These items may also be used as gifts for children. They come in a lot of storybook and video themed character designs. The children’s designs can be constructed of a molded plastic to make them more durable for a child to use. Some mugs may even come packaged in their own decorative box, ready to be wrapped and given as a gift, and many are collectable. Most styles will be found available at major department stores, but online shops usually offer a larger range with lower prices. Some themes may be seasonal and only carried during certain times of the year. These also make great promotional items for anyone who has a business they participate in promotional events with.

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What A Traditional Irish Coffee Mug Should Be Like

Irish coffee mugs are a beautiful and elegant way to serve any beverage, and most definitely the best way to serve traditional Irish coffee. Typically made of heavy crystal, although some more affordable varieties are available in heavy glass. They come in a variety of shapes but the most common is a tall, beer stein motif with a short, narrow ‘wine glass’ base.

The Irish coffee mug is most often used for the cousin to the ‘hot toddy’ Irish coffee. This blend of coffee and whiskey is delightful on a cold winter’s night and is a traditional Irish remedy for a cold or the flu. Strong black coffee is poured into the Irish coffee mug, a shot of strong Irish whiskey is added to the mix, and then topped with a very generous amount of thick, rich cream. In a traditional Irish coffee the cream is not whipped but many chose to substitute whipped cream for thick regular cream.

Whether you are drinking Irish coffee or any other liquid refreshment, Irish coffee mugs add pizzazz to your experience. A beautiful set will make any service more enticing and they make a great conversation piece as well.

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Choosing a Travel Mug – Make Sure You Buy The Best!

There are enough travel mugs of all colors, shapes, designs, logos and materials for you to find one that’s completely capable, perfectly personalized and totally fun.

There are several choices when it comes to material. The most common are stainless steel and plastic. Certain bio-materials (such as a plastic substance made from corn) are coming into vogue, though they are still relatively rare and may need special care (such as no dishwashing). For durability, stainless steel seems to excel. Plastic travel mugs can get scratched or smashed, while stainless steel will survive even the harshest fall off your car roof. There has also been talk about some plastics leeching chemicals into liquids and foods, particularly when hot. However, keep in mind that stainless steel (or any type of metal) cannot be microwaved, should your coffee get cold while traveling to work. Try to find a mug that is constructed of one material, either pressure-formed or welded. Mugs with two materials are often joined together with a seam that can warp or leak.

Also, pay attention to the lid – there are almost as many lid designs are there are shapes, and they’re not created equally. Do you want one that seals tightly, even when held upside down, or would you rather have one that’s quick and easy to open and close with one hand? Beware of a lid that uses a plastic lip or rubber seal; dishwashing or everyday wear and tear could cause the seal to warp, leaving you with a leaky lid.

But most importantly, think about what you want your travel mug to say! Are you a hot-pink kind of person, or do you want a political message emblazoned on your coffee container? Sometimes, the message is just as important as the medium!

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Beer Mugs – Choose the Style That’s Best for You!

When you get ready to sip the suds, what do you generally drink out of? Directly from a can or bottle? A personalized glass? Perhaps a mug etched with the logo of your favorite sports team? If you are in the market for beer mugs, you must have decided to take your drinking to the next level.

In selecting a vessel from which to guzzle your favorite brew, the varieties are nearly endless. Typically, a beer mug is a thick glass with a handle. It has a pretty good weight to it when lifted with one hand. However, this is not a restrictive definition by any means. You can also find plastic beer mugs, intricate glasses fashioned from wood, personalized beer glasses or old-fashioned pewter beer steins. Interestingly, the old beer steins in the days of the Bubonic Plague were designed with hinged lids to keep out Black Death-carrying flies, yet offer easy one-thumb access to the beverage.

If you’re searching for beer mugs not to quench your thirst, but to begin or continue a collection, you may be looking for a certain style or time period. There is a long list of possibilities when it comes to collecting. Among the options are novelty or humorous mugs, glasses from certain breweries, countries or providences, or even antiques. Whether you’re looking for a basic set of pint glasses or something that showcases more unique tastes, there is a world of history and choice when shopping for beer mugs.

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