Beer Mugs – Choose the Style That’s Best for You!

When you get ready to sip the suds, what do you generally drink out of? Directly from a can or bottle? A personalized glass? Perhaps a mug etched with the logo of your favorite sports team? If you are in the market for beer mugs, you must have decided to take your drinking to the next level.

In selecting a vessel from which to guzzle your favorite brew, the varieties are nearly endless. Typically, a beer mug is a thick glass with a handle. It has a pretty good weight to it when lifted with one hand. However, this is not a restrictive definition by any means. You can also find plastic beer mugs, intricate glasses fashioned from wood, personalized beer glasses or old-fashioned pewter beer steins. Interestingly, the old beer steins in the days of the Bubonic Plague were designed with hinged lids to keep out Black Death-carrying flies, yet offer easy one-thumb access to the beverage.

If you’re searching for beer mugs not to quench your thirst, but to begin or continue a collection, you may be looking for a certain style or time period. There is a long list of possibilities when it comes to collecting. Among the options are novelty or humorous mugs, glasses from certain breweries, countries or providences, or even antiques. Whether you’re looking for a basic set of pint glasses or something that showcases more unique tastes, there is a world of history and choice when shopping for beer mugs.

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