Choosing a Travel Mug – Make Sure You Buy The Best!

There are enough travel mugs of all colors, shapes, designs, logos and materials for you to find one that’s completely capable, perfectly personalized and totally fun.

There are several choices when it comes to material. The most common are stainless steel and plastic. Certain bio-materials (such as a plastic substance made from corn) are coming into vogue, though they are still relatively rare and may need special care (such as no dishwashing). For durability, stainless steel seems to excel. Plastic travel mugs can get scratched or smashed, while stainless steel will survive even the harshest fall off your car roof. There has also been talk about some plastics leeching chemicals into liquids and foods, particularly when hot. However, keep in mind that stainless steel (or any type of metal) cannot be microwaved, should your coffee get cold while traveling to work. Try to find a mug that is constructed of one material, either pressure-formed or welded. Mugs with two materials are often joined together with a seam that can warp or leak.

Also, pay attention to the lid – there are almost as many lid designs are there are shapes, and they’re not created equally. Do you want one that seals tightly, even when held upside down, or would you rather have one that’s quick and easy to open and close with one hand? Beware of a lid that uses a plastic lip or rubber seal; dishwashing or everyday wear and tear could cause the seal to warp, leaving you with a leaky lid.

But most importantly, think about what you want your travel mug to say! Are you a hot-pink kind of person, or do you want a political message emblazoned on your coffee container? Sometimes, the message is just as important as the medium!

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