Using Novelty Mugs as Gifts

There are many times when you might need a small gift item to give someone who is a casual acquaintance. Choosing a gift that is both inexpensive and useful can sometimes be difficult.  Novelty mugs are an excellent all purpose gift. The various designs make them the perfect choice for giving to office workers. A novelty item usually refers to something that is designed to be unique or original in its construction. What sets these mugs apart from others will be the type of logo or image printed on it.

There are some companies that offer custom printing on objects such as the novelty mug. This is done at a relatively low cost, so the out of pocket expense for a personalized gift is still cheap. For an office occasion where you need to give a gift to coworkers, a novelty mug with the company logo, or the worker’s personal title for their position, works well. You will also find ready made mugs with specific images and sayings already printed on them. These are available in a wide range of categories including, graduation, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Birthday.

There are also novelty mugs that come with specific themed characters particular to a specific occupation or hobby. You will see some with golfing, nursing and fishing character designs as well as humorous sayings. This diverse range allows you to choose a design that is in keeping with a person’s personal interests, which helps make the gift have more meaning to the recipient. Most of the image designs are on the traditional styled porcelain type of mug with a traditional handle. You may see a few variations on the design in the curvature or size of a mug you purchase.

These items may also be used as gifts for children. They come in a lot of storybook and video themed character designs. The children’s designs can be constructed of a molded plastic to make them more durable for a child to use. Some mugs may even come packaged in their own decorative box, ready to be wrapped and given as a gift, and many are collectable. Most styles will be found available at major department stores, but online shops usually offer a larger range with lower prices. Some themes may be seasonal and only carried during certain times of the year. These also make great promotional items for anyone who has a business they participate in promotional events with.

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