What A Traditional Irish Coffee Mug Should Be Like

Irish coffee mugs are a beautiful and elegant way to serve any beverage, and most definitely the best way to serve traditional Irish coffee. Typically made of heavy crystal, although some more affordable varieties are available in heavy glass. They come in a variety of shapes but the most common is a tall, beer stein motif with a short, narrow ‘wine glass’ base.

The Irish coffee mug is most often used for the cousin to the ‘hot toddy’ Irish coffee. This blend of coffee and whiskey is delightful on a cold winter’s night and is a traditional Irish remedy for a cold or the flu. Strong black coffee is poured into the Irish coffee mug, a shot of strong Irish whiskey is added to the mix, and then topped with a very generous amount of thick, rich cream. In a traditional Irish coffee the cream is not whipped but many chose to substitute whipped cream for thick regular cream.

Whether you are drinking Irish coffee or any other liquid refreshment, Irish coffee mugs add pizzazz to your experience. A beautiful set will make any service more enticing and they make a great conversation piece as well.

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