Your Coffee Mug Should Be Useful, and Match Your Personality

Anyone that drinks coffee on a regular basis really appreciates the value of a good mug. Most coffee drinkers normally have several, and it also seems that they reflect on the drinker’s personality. There are an abundance of coffee mugs out there on the market and choosing the right one for you can be quite an adventure.

The cups that generally come with your average set of dishes are virtually useless if you drink much coffee at all. Pouring your coffee into a decent mug will keep it hot for a longer time, and they also hold a lot more of it.

When buying, you should consider several things. You most certainly want to purchase a set that will match with your other tableware. If you can not match your pattern, then you might just go with a solid color and for those coffee drinkers that take their cups to the job with them, there are usually some really cute designs that have job related printing on them. The printed ones include prints of flowers, birds, novelty and humorous saying of all kinds. Of course, there are also the old standby I Love You Mom or Grandma, as well as those for pet lovers out there. Finding a coffee mug that fits your personality is not at all hard to do.

Purchasing another for travelling is a good idea as well. These save on the mess of the disposable cups from convenience stores and most of the stores will let you refill them at a lower cost. They should come with a lid, and are usually dishwasher safe which makes them more serviceable. Some people carry one or two in the car at all times.

Coffee mugs also make great gifts for others. On holidays, you can buy the mugs and fill them with candy or other small, useful items and put a ribbon on them for friends and co-workers. These are well received and are very inexpensive.

You will be using your mugs for a long time. Let the shopping be fun, even though some consideration is needed. In the long run, you will come up with the desired mugs and you should be very happy with them.

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